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32nd Annual
L.I.City HS Invitational Gymnastics Tournament

1. Long Island City HS
2. F. H. LaGuardia HS

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Why athletics? Why Long Island City High School?

Long Island City High School in Queens, NY is a member of the New York City Public Schools Athletic League and competes in almost every sport the PSAL maintains. You can follow our PSAL teams here. You can see more of our activities at Department of Education's schoolwires site.

Along with a fine academic program, Long Island City offers a chance to compete for 31 different teams, one of the largest, most diversified programs in New York City. From football to gymnastics, from wrestling to fencing, from cricket to basketball, from volleyball to golf, from tennis to swimming and everything in between, students at LIC have the opportunity to participate in many different sports, well beyond the traditional offerings of smaller programs. Some sports also offer a Junior Varsity and where this isn't so, the varsity will carry additional younger players who will be the leaders of the team in future years.

But we need your help. Athletic programs are very expensive. Equipment must be maintained for safety and cannot be allowed to fall into disrepair. Larger teams call for more uniforms for more players. And in some sports you simply must have different color uniforms for home and away games. A solid plan of replacement over the years requires a continual stream of funding. Currently, we are, as we must, focusing our tax-levy funding by the city towards our academic programs. We are working very hard on raising our Graduation rate and the last two years have paid off with more kids graduating on time.

We are the communities we come from. We have many first generation students just beginning to learn English. We are a Title I school, with family incomes low enough that better than 50% of our students will qualify for free lunch under the federal guidelines. We accept those who wish to come here, some of whom have significant learning issues. In short, we are the PUBLIC's School. We take those who come here, and we don't say no. We provide the most robust program that we can.

Your donation can help. You can make the difference for a young person who wants to participate in athletics, who attends a real public high school, and whose family income makes it a chore for them to stay on the team, attend their classes, perhaps work a job to help the family, take care of the younger ones in the household, all this before graduation. Our current enrollment is approximately 3500. We try to get every student involved in the school community. Especially if you are an alumni, especially if you were on a team at Long Island City High School, it's time to give back. You will be helping young people follow in your path. All funds donated here go to the program; salaries are paid by the DOE. Fundraising expenses for this project are limited to the minimal cost of credit card transaction Even the cost of the website is being covered through a separate donation so that yours will go toward the actual program itself.

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LICHS Athletic Development Fund
Ken Achiron, Chair

Long Island City High School
1430 Broadway
Long Island City, NY 11106